Our customers have written many positive comments on this website, please follow this link.

Kaarin Tisue of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article on Los Alpes after staying with us. "Accommodations abound in Quito for the backpacker budget, but paying a little more brought me considerable relaxation and peace of mind at Hotel Los Alpes, a small hotel ideal for women traveling solo and anyone who values comfort and charm over luxury. It's an easy choice for people who, like me, are spending a little time in the Ecuadorean capital before and after a cruise in the Galapagos Islands." To read the full article please follow this link.

A family who stayed with us in included us in their journal. "The hostal is located on a quiet street in a very secure and safe section of Quito--quite near the American Embassy. And when we left for as many as 5 days at a time, the owners gladly stored our luggage and junk, having it back in our room on our return--clean laundry and all. The warmth and service could not be duplicated at a Hilton, Mercure, etc. It was nice!" To read the whole journal please follow this link.
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